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"We’re working on a proposal to create a set of guidelines for our Associates who host meetings, which would be based on your observations." Richard S. – October 2017

"I've worked with Greg for many years. We have become good friends and colleagues over the years. He is a consummate professional. He is always quick to respond with extremely detailed and accurate advice. I highly recommend anyone to utilize his services." Michael H. – April 2010

"I have personal knowledge of Gregory Caldwell's high quality Compliance work for the direct selling industry, and for a specific company where I was called in as an expert witness.” Gerry Nehra, Esq. – April 2009

"Our company hired White Hat Solutions, for analysis and redevelopment of our field Compliance Department. Greg Caldwell knows his stuff! Quickly got us on track and initiated easily duplicated Compliance programs. Greg is an experienced professional!" AC – April 2009

UPDATE: Dear Greg - Congratulations on your expanded services.

During your association with our company, you engaged a number of compliance projects that have helped us tremendously! From your detailed review and evaluation of our existing systems, to the development of new and effective Rules and Regulations and Policies and Procedures, to the creation of compliance response programs, you guided us through a critical phase of our growth and laid a path for us. We are still using your compliance programs with success. Thank very much for valuable contributions.

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity" AC - April 2009

"Greg has proven to be not only a helpful technical resource for the design and writing of policy, but also a well-reasoned and practical advisor for the practicing the "art" of effective compliance. I can recommend him highly." John W. – April 2010

"As the CEO of a direct selling company, I engaged White Hat Solutions to review our existing compliance policies and operations to help determine any areas of weakness or ongoing risk.

Greg’s report, delivered within several weeks, was quite thorough and his recommendations for improvements were both systemic and implementable. Over the next several months, Greg helped us develop an excellent "in-house" compliance department.

Greg is a consummate professional, a pleasure to work with and superbly effective. I recommend his services to any direct selling company looking to develop a professional, sustainable compliance initiative." MET – March 2010

"Although many of our clients have engaged us to assist them in the process of screening selected candidates and training compliance personnel, we really prefer to direct them to the country's leading (and best) MLM compliance specialist and guru, Greg Caldwell, owner of White Hat Solutions. Greg has assisted several of our clients to build compliance departments that keep regulators happy and companies in business.

After you locate suitable candidates, Greg can zero in on some of the uniquely idiosyncratic aspects of MLM compliance to insure the best possible candidate. Thereafter, he is capable of designing, building, and training a world-class compliance department for your client.

Another reason I emphatically and unequivocally recommend Greg is because if your client needs immediate assistance with compliance matters, he can hit the ground running and provide thermonuclear-scorched earth compliance functionality immediately.

If you have any other questions about MLM compliance or Greg, please do not hesitate to contact me." Kevin Grimes, Esq. – April 2009

"Mr. Caldwell, you ROCK! Your strategy and guidance in developing our Compliance policies and the procedures we will follow has been invaluable. As we launch this new company, it’s comforting to know that our advice came from the best and most experienced Compliance professional. Your quick response time and way of explaining complicated issues made our tasks that much easier. Thanks for all your assistance." BP – May 2010