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Why Use DSCM?

Regulatory Compliance for the Direct Sales – or MLM – industry is as important as a compensation plan, a marketing plan and the products and services you are offering the consuming public. To think otherwise is to gamble with everything.

Companies must readily adapt to rapidly changing and sometimes obtuse statutes, regulations and precedents put forth in Federal Trade Commission Guidelines, states’ Attorneys General Consumer Affairs Offices and, of course, the courts.

This is a predominate reason why Corporate America employs attorneys who are specialists in these areas; lawyers who regularly and frequently educate themselves in this ever-evolving area of risk management. DSCM works with many of the best attorneys in this venue, and smart industry executives recurrently rely on their advice and opinions.

With all due respect to the attorney’s expertise we nonetheless proffer that there is a big difference between interpretation of these regulations and the practical application thereof, especially when it comes to understanding what a Compliance Department does or building one that is operationally effective. Our respective services are actually complimentary.

Kerry A Graves, Owner and Gregory J Caldwell, Sr. Consultant have been involved in direct selling compliance for over fourteen years; as a Chief Compliance Officer, Governmental Affairs Officer and was formerly a member of the DSA Earnings Claims Task Force. With a thirty year background in corporate investigations, he brings unique and teachable skills to the compliance arena along with an exceptional understanding of what motivates people.

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