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White Hat Solutions, LLC Announces New Division

DSCM Assisting Start-Up and Young Direct Sales Companies with Compliance

TENNESSEE — June 1, 2010 — White Hat Solutions announced a new division, Direct Sales Compliance Management (“DSCM”). Designed as an adjunct Department for new or young direct selling or multilevel marketing companies with limited staff and budget, DSCM offers experienced contractual, third-party distributor Compliance management and oversight.

Too often, Compliance is the final component added after a new company has been in operation for several years. In this après coup fashion, Compliance was often wrongly perceived as the Department of Sales Prevention and hence, always playing catch up with trust from the field.

Given the documented cases of regulatory problems befalling a company prior to having a reliable Compliance Department, Gregory Caldwell, CEO of White Hat Solutions now offers a practical solution.

“Working closely with executive management and counsel of young companies,” said Caldwell, “we help them identify, hire and train Compliance staff, but only as needed during the early stages of growth.”

With managed discretion, DSCM oversees and trains the company’s staff in developing and running an efficient Department promoting the desired outcome; profitable continuation of the company and success of its field representatives.

The advantages are many and include reduced payroll; managed growth; complete training including letter templates, forms and processes; and, potentially reduced liability for the client company. “The single greatest plus,” said Caldwell, “is the scalability of our program based on the company’s age, needs and size.”

While a new company can’t necessarily afford a fully staffed Compliance Department but needs some assistance, DSCM can fill that void. At the same time if a company is larger and needs an “instant” Compliance Department, DSCM can ramp up quickly to handle that on behalf of the client as well.

Competent and experienced Direct Selling Compliance personnel are incredibly scarce and hard to find. The only viable alternative, as many companies are finding, is to “grow your own” with the assistance and training provided by White Hat Solutions.

Caldwell adds, “DSCM is not designed to become a long-term, out-sourced Compliance Department for any one company but rather to provide the experience, skills, training and oversight to assist new companies from the beginning.”

The concept obviously caught on. White Hat Solutions introduced the DSCM concept this year and is already working with companies pre-launch, the owners of which are concerned about doing it the right way from the beginning.

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