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For Established Companies

There are a number of services DSCM offers existing, recognized companies. The first and perhaps most critical is a Compliance Audit. During this survey, we examine the following:

Years ago we heard an astute analogy given by a CEO when explaining the need for a Compliance Department to the field. He said, “When we were sixteen years old and had just gotten our driver’s license, whenever we saw a cop, we broke out in a sweat; we tightly gripped the steering wheel not daring to make one little mistake. In short, we were fearful of the police.” He continued by saying, “Now that we’re adults, perhaps homeowners with families to provide for and protect, when we see a cop drive down our street, we wave; happy to see them patrolling our neighborhood.”

Too many times the field looks at the Compliance Department with unnecessary trepidation. Most often it is because they aren’t practiced at what they are doing and are fearful of making a mistake. Compliance should be there to help these people understand not only the rules and policies, but why they are important. Honest people make mistakes; a good Compliance Department understands that as a teaching moment.

As beneficial as well-thought-out internal processes and good Policies and Procedures can be, the continued operation of a company remains at risk if they don’t know how the field is conveying the intended message.

To address this, we borrowed a page out of the FTC Handbook. DSCM provides covert Field Audits of presentations and training by your independent representatives where they work; in their towns. In other words, we send fully licensed and trained undercover investigators, acting as potential customers, anywhere in the country to watch, record, and review your independent representatives' behavior in the field. Are they making illegal income claims? Are they making illegal product claims or unsubstantiated medical claims? This service is offered as a periodic, on-going program.

These reports provide invaluable intelligence regarding what is actually occurring outside of the company’s purview. With this information, any company can determine if a particular upline group might require extra sales training or, if serious enough, disciplinary action for selected leaders. At the same time, your company will be collecting factual, exculpatory evidence for any future claims of non-Compliance by Attorney's General offices or the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”). Meetings will be recorded in those states where legally allowable and when doing so will not compromise the investigation.

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