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Service Summary

Compliance Audit to examine the following:

Complete and total build of a “world class” Compliance Department, coordinated with existing legal counsel's input.

Thorough analysis and written report on a current Compliance operation; includes but is not limited to; corrective action reports on improvements and suggestions for improving existing Compliance procedures.

Complaint response and follow up letter templates. (Standardized procedures)

Review (along with legal counsel of choice) of existing Policies & Procedures.

DSCM provides licensed and trained investigators anywhere in the U.S. for undercover, in-person audits of training, presentations and overviews.

Corporate investigations: For those complex or extremely sensitive issues needing expert attention, DSCM will complete the investigation expeditiously, discreetly and professionally. We understand your business.


DSCM does not take the place of your in-house or outside legal counsel. We are not attorneys. We strongly suggest we work directly with yours to coordinate any Compliance policy changes you direct. DSCM is the only fully licensed company in the country offering these unique and extraordinarily valuable services to MLM Clients. Can you afford not to have your Compliance Department reviewed?

Frequently the signs of non-Compliance are there but difficult to read until it is too late. If your company requires expert assistance in this area, DSCM stands alone.

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