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DSCM is the only licensed Private Investigative firm with international resources and a comprehensive understanding of direct sales legal challenges with answers to these fundamental questions. DSCM is the preeminent source for a number of value-added services – tailored for both the startup MLM as well as the established multi-national company. Working with Client's counsel, DSCM has built effective world-class Compliance Departments from scratch. The approach is both unique and effective when coupled with comprehensive Policies and Procedures, including pro-active monitoring and enforcement in the field.

As evidenced by the recent cases of FTC v. Sea Silver and FTC v. BurnLounge, nothing can shut down your business faster than legal and regulatory challenges. Over ninety-five percent of a legitimate direct selling company's regulatory headaches and legal risks will come from the field. A functional, effective Compliance Department is an absolute necessity to mitigate those risks.

Direct Selling Regulatory Compliance
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